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Here are some simple tips to make amazing content others in our community will love ❤️


  • Talk about what you're doing in your content. Whether it's a step-by-step list, or an explanation on how you figured out this was your go-to, we want to know why this matters to you!

  • Upload pictures and video (from Youtube if possible). Steps are great, but visually showing where you started and where you ended up is even better.

  • If you use products in your steps or video, be sure to add them. This links your content to the product and allows others to find your content later when they're trying to figure out if a product is for them or not.

  • Sharing your experience and results should be fun! We know we love it when a new style comes out exactly the way we wanted.


Thanks Loves,

FROtorial Team 👋🏾

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